Art 3 Final Portfolio

1. I think the appropriation project was my most successful project.

How did you use your own unique ideas in your work?
I had drawn what I normally draw with all the patterns and added a face. I usually don't make faces in my artwork, but I was able to combine it with the patterns which made it a lot more fun. Also, my idea for the overall project was that it was a cardbored box instead of a cardboard box, so I had glued everything to a cardboard box and drew out playing cards to bring out my idea even more. This is also why the box says "Bored Cards". Usually on boxes of cards it says something like "Playing Cards".

Even with the face I had my own unique ideas-I gave the face one white eye and one black eye to make it a little more interesting and different.

How did you respond to challenges that occurred as you worked?
Starting the project was the most challenging part of the project. I wanted all of the cards to resemble actual playing cards, so I outlined playing cards to get the right size. Drawing patterns on each individual playing card took time and not all of them looked good when I put them together. I was also originally thinking of making a lot of kings, queens, and jacks and making them look bored, but drawing those took a lot longer and didn't look as bored as I'd like. That's when I thought of gluing cards together in the shape that I wanted and drawing a larger bored face. Then I drew the patterns on it and added the extra individual cards I had made earlier to it. The project looked a lot better in the end.
I also wasn't sure what box to use. I had found a box from work, but it ended up being too small. And one day I had brought doughnuts in for my art table and I noticed how the doughnut box had the similar rectangle shape as the playing cards box. So I picked up an extra donut box at Dunkin Donuts. 

2. If given the opportunity, I would do the perspective project over. 

This project didn't turn out as I'd like it to. I think maybe the snow part is a little too long or the coats themselves need to be longer; the perspective doesn't look right to me. Plus I think I would choose a different theme. Narnia wasn't something I really wanted to work on even though I was excited at first. I would have liked to do something a little more interesting and create and make up our own thing instead of having a set goal like Narnia. Perhaps I would do a box of made up things and make it look like the things are coming out of the box or the wall. Or have people's fears coming out of the wall. But maybe I'd have some bright thing coming out as well-which would resemble that it's normal to fear those things and the light would give them a safe kind of feeling. 

I also don't like working in groups for art projects. Although it's cool to hear everyone's ideas and combine them, it's pretty restrictive. If someone doesn't like your idea, it isn't used. Maybe no one understands your idea and therefore you can't use it. Or if it's something new or different, the others don't want to take the risk and use it. Therefore, it restricts your creativity and it isn't as fun. And there's always going to be that one person who insists on using their idea even when others don't necessarily agree with it. Not that we had that going on in our group, but it can happen in group projects and it takes away the creativity of others and the fun out of the project.

3. I enjoyed working with paint, spray paint, and still life.

Although I'm not very good at painting and usually get it everywhere, I really enjoy painting. If I practiced it more, I'd be better at it. I also really like spray paint. The time project was the first time I had ever used spray paint and the result was fun and awesome! It's also a lot easier than finding desired paintbrushes and paint. And the effect of spray paint is cool; you can give the piece your spray painting different effects like giving the piece a more misty effect or you can bring the can closer, making a solid color rather than a spray.

I also really liked still life. Even though Mr. Sands took the photo, I love taking pictures too. So to me, it's kind of like doing extra art and creativity. First you get to create or put together the piece you want. Then you get to find a background, find props, change the lighting, change perspective, and take the picture. There's a lot more effort and creativeness involved. To me, that's a lot more fun.

4. I liked the perspective warm up.

For this warm up, we had to sit in the hallway and draw the other side of it. So we made a dot on our paper and connected the lines to it. This one helped me understand perspective more, because I wasn't understanding it very well before. It's also one of the few warm-ups that actually turned out well. The others were scribbled warm-ups that I was doing just so I could get the idea and work on whatever else I was working on. However, this warm-up, I actually tried on and it helped me understand the concept even more. 

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